Have Sex each Day to Keep the Doctor Away!
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Want to keep yourself young and healthy? Well, what about having sex daily and keep the doctor away? You would have never thought that a kiss can help you keep from dental worries. A gratifying sexual act at night can make you feel fit and fresh the next morning. But there’s something else that studies claim.
Having a healthy, steady sex life will keep you healthy and doctor away. You may have a number of measures to get that beautiful glowing skin and shiny hair. The gym routine also helps you keep yourself in good shape. But what about the overall health and wellbeing? It may be surprising but true that your heath will be in the best of condition if you focus on having fulfilling sex on a daily basis. For those who tend to lose their temper easily, ‘sex’ can be a fabulous solution.

Research and studies have proved that a happy sexual life with your partner will keep you in shape always. It will help you stay in shape, have better skin texture, and silken tresses. It will also burn extra calories. You can stay fit always and fight off serious diseases like asthma, depression, and severe headache. It tranquilizes your mind. Right from world famous make-up experts, hair stylists, fitness connoisseurs and even sexologists feel that a dynamic sexual life leads to a healthy life – both physically and emotionally.

Many studies have proved that ‘sex’ produces certain hormones that induce happiness and lead to a fit body and a healthy mind. According to famous specialist on sexual issues, Sex contributes to general good health. Enjoyable sexual intimacy promotes well being by offering several physical and psychological benefits. Sex boosts chemicals in the body that defends us against various diseases.

Sex and masturbation can facilitate relief from joint and muscle pain. It can also ensure longevity. Apart from this, sex also accelerates blood circulation and one’s basic metabolic rate. This further enhances the well-being of your mind and soul.

A satisfying sexual relationship will strengthen the bond between couples. The feeling of emotional connectedness adds to ones sense of belonging.

There are many physiological benefits of positive changes in restrictions such as pulse, heart rate, reduction in blood, blood vessels dilation leading to a ‘glow’, burning of a few calories. However, we also need to understand that sexual acts work more in terms of improving resistance, but are not a safe guard or a treatment to illnesses. Sexual act cannot be used as a treatment. It also won’t take stress from your life.

Benefits of Having Sex Daily:
• Sex helps you stay fit
• Sex burns extra calories
• Expert Opinion
• Sex brings relief from diseases like headaches, reduces depression, and tranquilizes your mind.

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4 Comments to “Have Sex each Day to Keep the Doctor Away!”
  • Mobinur
    February 4, 2013 - Reply

    Wow what a lovely information. This is really interesting and good for heath.

  • Ankur
    February 5, 2013 - Reply

    stupidity beyond imagination.how come such articles are even in public arena. which are detrimental to mental health in general and physical health in specifics.

  • Amir
    February 10, 2013 - Reply

    yes i have heard that it actually burns more calories.. its kind of an excercise really it makes you sweat.. it raises your heartbeat.. if you do it regularly its like hitting the gym everyday on cardio hehehe… but this only applies to people who has a partner right?? or masturbation has the same effect too??

  • amit
    April 15, 2013 - Reply

    hohoho, buddy what are you saying, for having sex on daily basis, a person should be hulk because i don’t think anybody have that much power to sex everyday with the same passion. its unhealthy buddy.

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