Top Tips to Get the Perfect Hourglass Figure
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Who doesn’t want an ideal hourglass figure? Ask any woman if she wants a curvaceous body like Bipasha Basu, and you will get an instant reply, ‘yes’. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with genes that keep them from developing visceral fat deposits as well as the quality to distribute fat equally around the body. So, what is it that the rest of the population can do to get a perfect hourglass figure san sacrificing health? Well, you need to put in some extra effort in taking good care of your body and make some serious adjustment in your present lifestyle. Here are some of the best things you can do:


It is crucial to perform exercises that emphasises on toning up different parts of your body including back, shoulder, waist, bosom, thighs, and buttocks. Make sure you indulge in some warm up events before starting off with your beginning with your exercise routine. Also cool down your body after work out. It is important to consult a trained instructor prior to starting these exercises.

Sculpted Arms and Shoulders

It is crucial to begin with military press. This is important to enhance muscular endurance.

For shoulders, start with the following:

• Front Dumbbell Raises

• Lateral dumbbell raises

• Reverse dumbbell fly

For upper arm, here are some of the best exercises to indulge in:

• Bicep Curls

• Chair dip

• Triceps push up

• Overhead extension

Follow the listed exercises for sculpted forearm:

• Wrist Curl

• Wrist extensions

• Forearm twists

Shapely Thighs and Legs

Focus on leg exercises such as leg extensions, leg lifts, lunges, and squats. The combination of these exercises will take care of your buttocks (also known as gluts muscles). You may face a lot of problems doing these exercises initially but with practise, the results will start showing.

Chiselled Waist

It is important to work out a schedule that includes a combination of regular crunches, reverse crunches, dumbbell exercises for oblique muscles and pilates.

Ideal Bosoms

You need to do the following:

• Push-ups

• Chest press dumbbells

• Cable flyes

• Dumbbell flyes

• Bench press

The Food

Apart from indulging in a rigorous workout, you should also focus on including a proper diet that complements your workout routine. Meet your nutritionist and dietician and get a diet prepared.

Eat protein-rich foods:

• Lean meat

• Vegetables

• Whole grains

• Egg whites

• Fruits

• Low-fat dairy products

• Fibre

• Water

The Clothes

You should emphasise wearing the right type of clothes. Inappropriately dressed women look out of shape. In case, you are heavy on the top, thigh, or waist strictly avoid wearing clothes that will draw attention to the problem areas. In order to hide the troubled zones, you need to wear shapewears. Wearing the right type of bra is important.

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5 Comments to “Top Tips to Get the Perfect Hourglass Figure”
  • disha
    March 8, 2013 - Reply

    oh god so thats why i am not getting the figure of my dream,actually i had left eating fast food and doing li workout regular but not getting a figure of my dream and now after read it i knew that i have to work hard to get the figure of my dream.

  • niharikamatren
    March 18, 2013 - Reply

    thank you so much for all this tips my partner always tease me about my figure but now i will surprise him after getting a perfect figure.

  • Shivika
    June 14, 2013 - Reply

    Very useful article. After my marriage am gaining wait and seeking of ways to reduce it trying to get nice figure. Thanks buddy.

  • Sunita
    June 19, 2013 - Reply

    Quite informative article. Thanks for telling these tips…..Apart from this diet chart i believe yoga is also good to get good figure.

  • Sonam Pandey
    July 31, 2013 - Reply

    Thanks for such a great post. i think it is crucial to perform exercises that emphasises on toning up different parts of your body including back, shoulder, waist, bosom, thighs, and buttocks.

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