Diet and Fitness Secrets of Amrita Rao
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The beautiful actress Amrita Rao who rocked the entire nation with her superb performance in ‘vivah’ opposite Shahid Kapoor, looks healthy and sports a super fit body. She takes special care of her diet and workout.

Amrita works out under the guidance of her personal trainer. He visits her home thrice in a week. She works out hard to tone her body. Dumbbells are her favourite tools. Amrita believes that training with dumbbells can enhance strength and tones up the muscles.

Amrita indulges in aerobics and stretching to keep herself fit. Her basic health mantra is stretching. Since she is an actress and needs to do a lot of running around trees and dancing, she performs stretching. This contributes to flexibility in her body.

Amrita advises her fans to develop healthy habits by jogging and walking. She feels that one should stretch that extra mile to ensure maximum benefits. It is also important to develop healthy habits such as going to bed early and rising early. This makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

Amrita Rao’s Diet Regime

Amrita is a pure vegetarian. She starts her day with 2 glasses of lukewarm water. Her breakfast consists of a glass of fresh fruit juice. She believes in keeping breakfast light. Home cooked breakfast is her favourite. Gujarati dishes such as theplas and Punjabi stable diet parathas are her favourites for breakfast.

Amrita follows a balanced diet throughout the day. Her lunch consists of two chapattis, green vegetables, sabzi and dal with rice. The dinner is again the same. Mushrooms and cabbage are Amrita’s favourite vegetables. Before retiring to bed, Amrita drinks a glass of milk. This routine helps her sleep well and even supplements her with all the requisite ingredients.

Amrita loves to gorge on her favourite Mangalorian cuisine and Thai food.

Fasting and binging is something Amrita avoids completely. She eats in moderation. The actress also avoids starving herself or overstuffing her body.

Amrita believes that it is crucial to understand one’s own body structure. She advices her fans to eat what they like, but in moderation. The beautiful actress avoids junk foods, cheese and fats.
She also avoids deep-fried and packaged foods as far possible.

Eating outside, Amrita believes can create lots of complications. Hence it is crucial to eat home cooked food. It is hygienic and tastes well. The food also keeps you healthy.

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5 Comments to “Diet and Fitness Secrets of Amrita Rao”
  • sofia
    February 27, 2013 - Reply

    you are so slim amrita and after a long time you came back in Bollywood was your big fan from your movie vivah and its a dream of any girl to have a figure like you.

    • jitesh
      March 18, 2013 - Reply

      Thanks Sofia

  • jasmine
    March 12, 2013 - Reply

    i really agree with the sofia that hoe you are so slim amrita, it will be my dream to have a body like you because when i started diet so i got dullness on my face but you have so glow on your face.

    • jitesh
      March 18, 2013 - Reply

      Thanks! Jasmine

  • Kuldeep
    July 20, 2013 - Reply

    Amrita works out under the guidance of her personal trainer. It is important to do exercise under the supervision of trainer. It is also important to develop healthy habits such as going to bed early and rising early.

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