Fitness Secrets of Bollywood Beauty Asin
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Asin, the Ghajini beauty is widely known in Bollywood for her unique beauty and enviable body. But you’ll be surprised to know that this owner of slender and svelte body is a food lover! Yes, she loves to gorge in her favourite Kerala delicacies. So what is it exactly that keeps her fit and healthy?

Asin is a non-vegetarian. She follows a strict and healthy diet regime. To start her day, she indulges in a cup of oats or a bowl of muesli and some fruit. Sometimes, she also has an egg or some idlis.
Her health mantra is to have breakfast as soon as she gets out of her bed. Since she is an early riser, she is usually up by 6 am.
Her traditional Malayalee Breakfast comprises of:

• Appam

• Idli

• Dosa

• Utta payam

Asin avoids caffeinated drinks including tea. She likes to sip into a lot of milk and water. She likes to have a plateful of her favourite fruits such as bananas, mango, jackfruit, and custard apple.

• A few chapattis


• A bowl of rice with vegetables

• Pulses

• Fish

Asin likes to have food cooked by her mom. She usually carries food to the sets.

Lunch on the Sets



Evening Snack



Coconut water



Asin prefers to have early dinner. She does not snack after finishing her dinner. Her dinner is usually early depending on her shooting schedule. Asin has her dinner early at 7 p.m.


• Tapioca

• Fish


• Rice porridge


• Eggs

• Chicken


Although Asin restricts herself from having too much of sweets but she has her favourites which she indulges in once in a while:

• Jalebis

• Laddoos

• Mysore pak

• Payasam

Asin’s Fitness Regime

Asin follows a strict fitness regime that mainly consists of cardio. She also indulges in weight training whenever she gets time. Doing weights, she believes gives her strength and tones her muscles. Asin never skips her fitness routine. She takes out some time from her busy schedule and works out under the guidance of a professional. She also likes to practise yoga. It helps her get the energy and strength that is required for coping with stressful acting and promotion schedules.

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4 Comments to “Fitness Secrets of Bollywood Beauty Asin”
  • somya
    February 26, 2013 - Reply

    i am really happy to know that you are taking your traditional dish as appam,idli,dosa as your breakfast,and i must you are following a good diet chart,which shows the effects on your body and face.

  • monika
    March 3, 2013 - Reply

    i always think how the actress looks so good and so fit after all the hectic schedules,but after read your diet and workout i got knew what is reason behind your activeness and fitness.

  • hunnysingh87
    March 21, 2013 - Reply

    hey Asin you are my favorite actress and you look so sexy and hot.i feel in Bollywood no one can give competition in the matter of acting dear.

  • Keshav
    July 20, 2013 - Reply

    To stay fit it is important to make your diet routine healthy. In your breakfast include cup of oats or a bowl of muesli and some fruit in your breakfast.

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