Different breads in the world
Different breads in the world
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Bread is a popular food item in western countries. This food item is prepared via using wheat-flour dough in conjunction with yeast. Yeast makes it rise and thereafter, the preparation is baked inside the oven.

There are a variety of breads available on the market:

a) Italian Bread:

This bread is considered sacred. The bread is used in various rituals such as births, weddings or death. The bread can be taken as a meal on its own. However, to make it taste better, you can dress with various options such as salt, olive oil, organs and pepper

b) French bread:

This bread has a chewy texture.

c) Pita bread:

It is a flat bread and round in shape.

d) German bread:

There is a variety of German bread available for general public.

e) Canadian bread:

The bread is rich in protein levels.

f) White bread:

This bread is created from flour that contains endosperm.

g) Brown bread:

It is made from 10 percent bran and rest is endosperm. The caramel color gives its’ brown color.

h) Whole meal bread:

This is a bread that’s made of whole wheat grain. The bread is also known widely known as whole grain.

i) Granary bread:

This bread is made from granary flour.

j) Spelt:

This is a bread made of grain. The bread contains gluten. It is a type of protein.

k) Sourdough:

It is a bread without any sweetener added to it.

l) Sprouted grain:

It is a type of ground flour made from hard grain kernel.

m) Refined breads:

These breads have best nutrients enriched with potent minerals and vitamins.

Here are some other varieties available under the category of bread:

a) Oat bread

b) Barley bread

c) Rye bread

d) Kamut bread.

e) Triticale bread

f) Millet bread

g) Rice bread

h) Basil bread

i) Garlic bread

j) Onion bread

k) Cinnamon bread

Having a wholesome bread as daily meal can provide you all the goodness of health that you require.

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3 Comments to “Different breads in the world”
  • Suruchi
    July 3, 2013 - Reply

    Bread is very common around the world. It is prepared by using wheat-flour dough in conjunction with yeast, There are variety of bread comes out in the market like Italian bread, French bread, Canadian Bread and many others. Taking wholesome bread in daily healthy proves healthy.

  • Mohit
    July 6, 2013 - Reply

    Bread is used world widely and nowadays you can see different types of bread in the market. Above given list is amazing, i have already tried few breads and everyone has its own specialty.

  • Louis Cohen
    August 1, 2013 - Reply

    This is not a very helpful or accurate way to classify different kinds of bread. Spelt is a bread made of grain – so are all other breads. Sourdough has nothing to do with sweeteners – it means that the leavening has come at least in part from a previous batch of dough; compare with sourmash whiskey.

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