Why tap water is bad for babies?
Why tap water is bad for babies?
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When it comes to hazards caused by tap water, babies suffer more because of them. One of the main reasons is that skin of a child is thinner as compared to adult’s skin. Their skin is also more sensitive. Young children find it really hard to move away from hot water. This is the reason that most tap water scalds happen when a child is in the bath or playing at the sink. In case, the water is hot, the child can get deep burn that covers a large portion of the body. This may also result in repeated surgery and skin grafts over many years.

The growth of a child’s body totally depends on how clean the water is that they consume on a daily basis. Water is the only way to flush out these toxins from the body. For this, the water should be pure. Pure water is very important for the child’s body strength and to enhance his ability to perform. This also results in providing them the kind of protection they require during the crucial growing age.

The immune system and detoxification system of a child are in the development stage and this process continues throughout their teen years. If a child is exposed to certain levels of chlorine, toxic chemicals and lead in drinking water, it will result in enhanced risks of disease and learning disorders in future.

According to a latest sturdy conducted in Baltimore, it is believed that children suffering from high blood levels will display higher rate of problem behavior as compared to children with lower blood lead levels. Hence, under exposure to lead during the childhood years will have a pervasive influence on the existence of juvenile delinquency.

Usually most water supplies consists of chlorine, lead, herbicides, pesticides and lots of other contaminants. This is same with bottled waters. These water borne chemicals put adverse health effects on small children.

The health standards that measures the amount of toxins permitted in our drinking water are based on the potential effects on adults. Nothing have been specified for children. Also most of these levels are based on false assumptions that state that people are only exposed to a particular chemical at one time. Usually traces of several different toxic chemicals are present in tap water.

Most often, out breaks of chlorine resistant parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia are found. Such an outbreak occurred in Milwaukee WI where more than one hundred people died and about 400,000 people became sick in less than one month. Most of them were children.

Childhood Asthma, cancer, leukemia and immune disorders are very common among children. According to the experts and studies conducted, all the above mentioned diseases have risen due to the enhanced exposure to toxins present in the environment and reduced ability to detox the body. Water usually plays an important role in the child’s exposure to toxins and the ability of the body to get rid of these.

Usually a child consumes thrice as much water per pound of body weight and this makes them get closer to the harsh chemicals present in water.

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4 Comments to “Why tap water is bad for babies?”
  • Vagish
    February 9, 2013 - Reply

    i think tap water is not only bad for babies but bad also for adult people.. tap has bacterias in it than can cause amoebiasis, diarrhea, LBM, Hepatitis and many more.. for me babies or not i think if you are using tap water its better that we boil it first so that the bacterias would die.. or better yet buy mineral or distilled water.

  • sam
    February 10, 2013 - Reply

    i was not aware of this that tap water is so harmful for babies,really good knowlendge giving by the writer.

  • sushil
    April 16, 2013 - Reply

    i don’t think tap water is that harmful, It mostly depends on your particular location. When in doubt, use a commercial filter or purifier if you are in doubt. while talking about babies always use filtered or boiled water.

  • kaavish
    July 6, 2013 - Reply

    tab water is not good for babies for both drinking and bathing. Tap water contains huge amount of toxins which is bad for health and if we talk about bathing then the skin of babies is thinner than adult because of which they can suffer from skin problems.

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