Crunches lead to Flat Abs – Myth or Fact
Crunches lead to Flat Abs – Myth or Fact?
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The midsection is undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts of the body to trim and tone. No wonder there are over many hundreds of myths and fables about the best techniques to flatten belly. Right from fat-burning foods to special exercises targeting exercises, there are many thousands of myths surrounding the tight tummy techniques. If you are serious about flattening your belly, clear up these myths and find real solutions. This will you get a flatter belly.

100 Crunches will give you a Flat Stomach

The greatest myth that exists about getting flat stomach is about crunches. Most people believe that “spot reduction” of fat in specific areas of body, especially the midsection is possible.

Did you know that crunches target the muscles in your midsection and not the fat? The major job of crunches is to strengthen and build the abdominal muscles. This helps in making the belly appears firmer soon after you lose the extra fat. You need to focus on doing cardio daily in order to burn fat from your belly or literally any other part of your body.

The Harsh Truth

When I ask people what they want to work out the most, they inevitably wave their hands over their belly and say, “This.” The irony is that the only way to get rid of this, unwanted belly fat is to work the entire body. You must have seen many infomercials with the sexy man or woman flaunting those rippled abs and solid bodies. Well all they do is climb on a contraption that forces them to do the perfect crunch each time and then they are lean and sexy sans belly fat.
These so called ‘sexy’ men and women don’t really have much fat on their body. Crunches are good but only to define the muscles. You need to complement these with weight loss efforts.

The Flat Tummy Secret

Stay fit. You need to focus on training your legs and back. This will help you lose weight faster. Understand that there is no overnight miracle. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself with models and celebrities. They are paid to work out, to eat lean and clean. They work hard for their results. They really fight, struggle, and sweat for those abs.

Abs are also made in the kitchen. Watch out for your diet in order to make sure you get desirable results.

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