Juices to enhance your Libido – Juice up for a Wild Sexual Encounter!
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Yes, juices have many health benefits. Right from making your skin glow, keeping body healthy, treat stomach issues, strengthening bones, and detoxifying the body, having a glass of juice will help you stay healthy and happy. But did you know, a glass of juice a day can do wonders to your libido? You heard it right. Having a glass of juice can pep up your sex life.

You need to focus on juicing to gain benefits between-the-sheets! The key is to prepare two different recipes: one for women and one for men. The juice needs to be a unique blend of vitamins and hormones to help you steam up from start to finish. The first rule is stock your refrigerator with the following super vegetables:


The vegetable ensure adequate hydration to the body and even boosts your stamina and endurance.


Stock your fridge with these beautiful orange veggies. These are high in vitamin A that stimulates the epithelial tissue all through the body.


Ginger reduces free radicals in your blood. This works towards enhancing flow of blood within the body.

Celery Stalks

These amazing greens contain high amounts of androsterone, a hormone that fuels sex drive.

Kale Leaves

Usually referred to as “the sex mineral”, this amazingly tasty vegetable is high in zinc. It is widely renowned for its libido-enhancing superpowers.
Of course, you may not appreciate this vegetable for creating distinctive odor, but garlic certainly increases production of nitric oxide. The element is mainly responsible for health erections.


Turmeric is also known to be a super food that contains special compounds to decrease inflammation and enhance blood flow. The food element enhances sexual desire and performance.


Lemon work towards balancing out acidity levels in the body that can cause health issues. It actually alkalizes the body to enhance performance.

Now that you know what veggies can help you get into action, get blending. It is safe to drink these mixes straight. You can also stir them up with protein powder.

Juice for Her:

• Carrots – 4 medium sized

• Celery Stalks – 2

• Cucumber – about a half

• Kale Leaves – 3

• Ginger – 1 Knuckle

Preparation method – Blend and drink

Juice for Him:

• Cucumber – 1

• Celery Stalks – 3

• Garlic – 1 Clove

• Lemon – 1

• Turmeric – 1 Knuckle

Preparation method – Blend and drink

Happy juicing! Enjoy!!

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31 Comments to “Juices to enhance your Libido – Juice up for a Wild Sexual Encounter!”
  • Jibali K
    February 4, 2013 - Reply

    I will be buying the listed ingredients soon! Can’t wait for what will happen after he drinks it! I hope I’ll do it correctly.. :)

  • Pooja
    September 25, 2013 - Reply

    Are all married disinterested in sex? Do all of them avoid having sex with their husbands?

    • Disha
      September 25, 2013 - Reply

      I have been married for about 5 years now. I really can’t remember when exactly my wife initiated having sex with me. This also became the reason for us to file for a divorce. In fact, we had come so close to getting a divorce owing to this issue. I used pornography and went to clubs just to make up for her disinterest in sex. I literally felt unwanted sexually and emotionally. My wife is very hard to get along with at times especially when it comes to sex. All she does is insult me and curse like a trucker. I am feeling resentment towards her right now. And now my wife is pregnant and we are both excited. This has given her another reason (rather excuse) for not having sex with me. We haven’t had sex since she found out she was pregnant 2 months ago. Morning sickness has been an issue and she vomits every single day. I don’t mind the fact that she is not in the mood for sex at this point of time. However, her disrespect towards me has pushed me to be tempted to look for other women and watch porn.

    • Shreya
      September 26, 2013 - Reply

      Well, the answer is easy. Women lose interest in sex when they are not consistently getting orgasms. Do she have one every time? If not, then why on earth would she have sex with you? What’s the point? You must have her masturbate and learn how to give her pleasure. The clitoris is everything to a woman. Most women do not orgasm through vaginal intercourse. And since she deserves an orgasm every time, think of oral sex. This is the best option for her as she’ll be getting orgasm each time you have sex. Also buy some sex toys and get practicing. These are easily available online.
      Other reasons women stop having sex:
      They get fat.
      They feel unattractive.
      They hate it when hubbies make nasty comments about their body during sex.
      The husband gets fat or unattractive
      They do not have orgasms.
      They get yeast infections.
      They are breastfeeding.
      They have a low libido.
      They are stressed and overworked.
      They have hidden resentment towards the hubby or marriage.
      They are depressed or stressed out.
      The marriage is in trouble.
      Both partners fight a lot.
      The romance is gone.
      The husband gives her little attention except for sex.
      The husband cheated in the past.
      Husband spends lots of time elsewhere
      She is in love with someone else.
      Young children exhaust her.
      Both partners are working long hours or opposite shifts.
      See an endocrinologist as thyroid can cause low libido.
      After vaginal birth she is in need or a labial repair of vaginal rejuvenation.
      She is afraid sex can harm the baby.
      She is secretly withholding sex as a form of punishment.
      She is pregnant.
      She is expecting new things in bed.
      She feels neglected.
      She feels unsatisfied with sex.
      She was molested as a child or raped.
      One of the best things to do is give a massage to accidentally have sex. Go for a very long massage. Slowly work up her inner thighs and get to the G spot. Also perform oral sex and play gently with her clitoris.

    • Aparna
      September 27, 2013 - Reply

      Nice response. But I don’t really don’t believe that your major reason is due to wife’s lack of intimacy.

    • Ekta
      September 28, 2013 - Reply

      Well, her disrespect towards you has not pushed you to do anything. The thing is you want to look at naked women and for you to blame that on your wife is wrong. Your wife may not be sexually inclined right now. I was not during my second pregnancy. Most women aren’t! Quit going to clubs for attention. These things are not appropriate for a married man. The best way is to spend a lot of time with her each night until she has the baby.
      Now when it comes to your wife insulting you, try explaining in a nice tone that you do not think that was really necessary. The idea is to try and resume the evening. In case, the drama continues during the evening tell her strictly that you do not appreciate it and may not be able to spend time with her due to her attitude. This will definitely give her the hint and she’ll stop.
      As for the cussing, just try and remind her in a joking manner at first that you can’t raise little Johnny. With time, you may try and make her understand that saying such things will not take both of you anywhere.
      If you want the marriage to work, get over the resentment. Most couples have come over it and are leading a good life with their spouses. Now that you are married and she’s your wife, you must look for ways to make the relationship work and learn to live. Once you learn to love what you have life gets easier. And yeah, congrats on the baby! The Almighty has given you a beautiful opportunity. Enjoy it and do all that will keep your marriage going!

    • Anisha
      September 30, 2013 - Reply

      The essence of everything you wrote is – she’s not in love with you. Yes, she’s just not that into you. You should not be married. It is all about either living in an unhappy marriage or ending it as soon as possible. Being in love is different. When you’re in love, you’re attracted to your mate & want to make love to them. If she isn’t interested in making love with you, she’s not in love.

    • Jiya
      October 1, 2013 - Reply

      Well, the only solution is to use porn until after the child is born. If she still isn’t interested in having sex with you, may be your pee pee is too small.

    • Richa
      October 3, 2013 - Reply

      The best thing to do is talk to her. I’m wondering why you haven’t been doing this for long! You need to seriously tell her that her remarks, curse, and the way she talks to you hurt you. Marriage is not about reaching out to porn or enjoying with other men or women if your partner isn’t showing interest. You need to communicate hard. Why is it so hard for people to realize that communication or lack of it will break a relationship so fast?
      If she’s not in the mood, she has a valid reason for that. She’s carrying a child and her body has been going through a lot of weird changes. She is gaining weight, suffering from pain, going through mood swings, and has been puking all day!
      Now would you be interested in a steamy intimate moment if you were puking all day and your body was going through constant changes every day? So it is better to talk to her and make her feel comfortable by spending more time with her.
      Porn and clubs aren’t a bad option if that don’t really hurt your significant other. In fact, why don’t you ask her to look at/watch the porn with you? Maybe she needs some extra spice or whatever to get her in the mood.
      When it comes to your wife’s not initiating sex, some women are like that. They are too shy or coy to ask for sex. This should not bother you much. And, what happens when you initiate sex? Does she turn you down or not? If not, then who initiates sex shouldn’t matter to you mush! Just think that maybe she feels uncomfortable initiating sex with you?? Yeah, you have been married for a while, but there could be s/thing still holding her back.
      Last but not the least; visit a marriage counsellor. This may save your marriage. Also find some way to reconnect with each other and don’t stop talking to each other. And yeah, congrats on the new baby!
      All the best!

    • Hapreet
      October 5, 2013 - Reply

      Okay, I’m sorry but I couldn’t help laughing to read she “swears like a trucker”. That was really funny. Anyways, my husband and I too have been married for ten years now, and I too am pregnant with morning sickness. Pregnancy is a difficult period for women. The body really plays havoc. It isn’t easy keeping puking all the day, bearing pain, and the weird cravings some of which will again make you puke.
      Anyways, it’s not abnormal for a woman not to want to have sex when she’s pregnant. She physically hurts, and she’s exhausted too. It is literally like having the flu 24/7. This may keep her mood off all the time.
      During pregnancy, I didn’t have much sex with my husband. In fact, I know some of my friends who didn’t have sex for nine long months! And when I’m not pregnant, the sex is usually about thrice a month. So it isn’t really abnormal.
      Another reason may be her sex drive just isn’t up there. Have you really talked to her about it? And yes, divorce is not the answer since you’re on the family way now. It should have come much earlier if had to! I would seriously suggest you to talk to your wife and meet a counsellor. This may help! I hope that this helps! Good luck and God bless!

    • Paramjeet
      October 7, 2013 - Reply

      You are tempted to watch porn, visit clubs, see other women? This is no solution to the problem. Remember, when you come up against temptation like this, it’s the devil trying to drag you in the wrong direction. So you need to stay strong and believe in power of the Almighty. Pray, speak to your wife, get counselling, and get blessing from elders.
      Now as far as the insulting goes, this is not intentional but hormonal right now. She’s pregnant and don’t know what she does when her body plays havoc. I remember when I was pregnant and craved for a sandwich from subway. But God knows what tricked my husband into buying a burger from Mc Donald’s. I just screamed at him and called him an ****** This is all because I craved for Sub. So know what your wife wants and why she behaves the way she does. Try your best not to annoy her. She’s already going through a lot owing to her pregnancy. It is too hard to control emotions during this period! But men need to understand this.

    • Palak
      October 8, 2013 - Reply

      No, not all married women do this. Mine, for example, is just as lusty today as she was when we got married. In fact, we keep looking for new ways to please each another. I would advise you to visit a marriage counsellor. If you’re so troubled that you have actually thought about divorce before getting your wife pregnant. Don’t sweat the porn. Working things out with your wife would be better than having sex with other women. All the best!

    • Ananya Kapoor
      October 9, 2013 - Reply

      First of all, if your wife is pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, the last thing on her mind is getting it on. It is you knocked her up and now you get to be as miserable as she is. This is going to continue for nine long months.
      I initially was going to tell you to just get a divorce. However, it is not simple. With a kid involved that means you are going to lose a lot of money over the next 18 years in child support. And I’m really curious to know how did she get pregnant if the two of you aren’t having sex? If she is pregnant, you must have been getting at least some action.

    • Kamini
      October 10, 2013 - Reply

      I’m very sorry to know about your condition. I wish I knew what to say to help you. You say that both you and your wife aren’t having sex for long. But how did the pregnancy happen, then? Husband nor wife should withhold sex from the other. In case, there’s a problem, you guys must talk over it and get back to track.

    • Nidhi
      October 11, 2013 - Reply

      Your wife sounds abusive *****. And I’m wondering why would you want to stay with such a person. And why did you get her pregnant in the first place? Life is way too short to live with someone who makes you feel badly about yourself. Today, it is not morally wise to get divorced as she’s pregnant. You should have dumped her years ago. With a child coming your way, you need to be responsible. What’s more, the child is a blessing and he or she may bring back the spark in your life again.

    • Shradha
      October 12, 2013 - Reply

      Get counselling! This is the only way you can save your marriage!

    • Radhika
      October 17, 2013 - Reply

      Have you ever asked her why she was uninterested in sex? Was it a love marriage? Did you guys have sex before marriage? Or did you wait and she’s never been into it? The idea is to ask your wife, why. There may be a problem she’s going through. Know what it is and help her out. After all, you are her husband.

    • Priyanka
      October 18, 2013 - Reply

      Well, have you tried to talk to your wife? Why don’t you tell HER all this? Fretting over the matter here won’t help! How’s she going to know you’re your problem is?

    • Mehak
      October 19, 2013 - Reply

      LOL. I don’t think all married women are like that! When I was married, I too tried everything I could to get my wife in the mood. It may be a gender thing and it is also about different libido levels. Here, I also feel there’s a lack of intimacy in the marriage.
      Perhaps you may quit looking for an excuse to watch porn. If you do, don’t fret over it. You either watch it or you don’t. But the idea is to be more understanding of your wife. Stop wallowing in pity. Instead do something nice for your wife. She’s pregnant. Make her feel great. Rub her feet and even tell her how beautiful she is. What about giving her a nice back rub? Bring her roses, buy her a gift and take her out to a nice candle light dinner. These little things can make huge difference in your marriage.

    • Neetu
      October 21, 2013 - Reply

      This is nothing strange. I was the same in m marriage for a while. The case was different though. I was on pills and my hormones were all over the place. This made me suffer from lack of sexual desire. The thing was very, very rare and I was always saying no to my husband. I made thousands of excuses for not having sex each night. And then I got pregnant. This was even worse. This stage makes you feel like crap literally and your hormones are raging. It was during the second trimester that I really had that hitting urge to have sex. Many of my friends had told me they went through weird and uncontrollable craving for sex in pregnancy. May be your wife will also feel similar!
      These days, it is my husband who is finding it hard to satisfy my cravings. This time, I went off the pill and am back to normal and so is my sex drive. This is really surprising and amusing! My dear hubby returns home tired from work and rejects me out rightly  You feel like your not attractive or there’s something wrong with you!
      Now, coming back to your question, if you really have tried ‘spicing’ your life up with seeing other women and watching porn, this will not take your relationship anywhere. It isn’t going to solve your problem either.
      Understand her condition and help her overcome the problems. Talk to her, spend time with her, pamper her (she really deserves it!), and wait for the right time. These things will revive your relationship. Don’t let her feel you are an overly horny man and don’t care for her feelings. Why don’t you ask her to watch porn with you? She may love the idea. Anyways good luck with that! Congratulations on the baby!

    • Niharika
      October 22, 2013 - Reply

      The essence of all this is that she is not in love with you. So it would be good to just bid adieu to her and find another chic for yourself. This is really not understandable if she doesn’t allow you to have sex why she married you in the first place!

    • Shivani
      October 23, 2013 - Reply

      Well, this is not the time to repent and cry! You should’ve dumped her way before you got her pregnant! Now you really sound like a dumb ass to cry and howl over what you’ve been going through before your wife expected. If you weren’t comfortable with the marriage, then why and how this baby existed? Think again, and act!

    • Aarushi
      October 24, 2013 - Reply

      Here, I remember an old saying. It comes through again: – “Women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex.” Now if you say you’re not getting sex, it’s because you’re not giving the love part. And I bet that you are precisely like 95 per cent of men who literally don’t have a clue as to what love even is! If you don’t love your wife or make her feel she’s the centre of your life, it won’t work. She won’t ever give you what you want.
      A married couple should always have a plausible path to make their marriage work. It’s deep and the only one that’s close to understanding it; is your wife! She’s the love machine. Now it is your duty to talk to her and ask her how exactly she wants to be loved. And you must do all that she says if you wish to get from her, all that you want! You can’t expect a woman feel special through sex. Male and female species are different.

    • Sonali.
      October 25, 2013 - Reply

      This is not a one sided problem. Both of you need to see an expert marriage counsellor as soon as possible, if you are really serious about saving this relationship! In case, she isn’t comfortable meeting a counsellor at this stage; now that she’s pregnant; go alone.
      And this is no joke. Don’t take things lightly! Watching porn and seeing women is just a small part of your entire life. You are going to have a child to consider now! And this is on the top of every list you have for the next 18 years. So make sure you speak to your wife, meet a counsellor, and solve all of your marriage related problems before the baby comes. Good luck!

    • Anjali
      October 26, 2013 - Reply

      Porn, clubs, and seeing other women don’t mix with sanctity of marriage. This is something all of us know. Besides that, you haven’t been exercising much of patience with whatever has been happening to your marriage. Making a big deal out of things going wrong is easy. It is true that you have been going through hell and it is indeed a big deal. But she’s pregnant. And if she is, you still have something to live for.
      Things aren’t easy for a pregnant lady. You need to be exercise a lot of patience. Wait and support her. She really needs it. As soon as the time comes, she’ll understand. Try not to make a big deal out of it. And yes, there comes a stage in pregnancy wherein she may want sex more than you. So make sure you are ready for it and save adequate energy for the task!!!!! Pregnancy deals with hormones. Believe me, I have 3 kids. And before you know it she will be all over you. As I already said, don’t push things. Nothing is going to work if you are too pushy.

    • Arpita
      October 30, 2013 - Reply

      Marriage is not really about caring for your own problems. It is a beautiful relationship that should last for a lifetime. This also means that you must put the needs and concerns of the other first. Now, I don’t think this is really happening in your relationship. And I seriously feel that you should go to counselling immediately.
      In case, she refuses to go, move out until she agrees. These problems are not the end of marriage. Her disinterest in sex will not mean that you seek divorce or see someone else. Try giving her some quality time. This will certainly work out.

    • Aditi Gupta
      October 31, 2013 - Reply

      This is no surprise! Marriage is the biggest truth of life and scarier than hell. As soon as the couple says, “I do” the lovey dovey relationship gets over. Some people realize this in weeks and get divorced. For others, it may take years to realize the hell they have been going through! Well you just realized it big time that you are no longer in love!!! Marriage is a destroyer of even soul mates. If you find my remarks nasty, try and take an honest look at all the married couples. Do you really find them in love? As in, truly, madly, deeply in love? Of you aren’t ready to feel miserable like all married couples, get a divorce now!!!

    • Harpreet
      November 1, 2013 - Reply

      I would strongly suggest you to give her a couple more weeks. Wait and see what happens. I would like to share a secret here. Did you know the second trimester of pregnancy brings out very strong feeling for sex? This is normal for a woman. So during this period, she would certainly ask you to get intimate – not once in a month but many times in a week (it depends!).
      You say your wife curses like a trucker! This is definitely a reason to feel disrespected and resort to porn. But seriously speaking, this can be avoided! Try talking to your wife about it. Let her know how hurting the situation is for you. In case, you are comfortable with joining a men’s support group, then do it as soon as possible. This may definitely help. This is a place where you can meet other married men with strong marriages and get advice and adept help. Additionally, your wife should seek counselling. Take her to a reputed marriage counsellor. This will definitely work! All the best!

    • Megha
      November 2, 2013 - Reply

      The situation is indeed very painful and traumatic emotionally. Struggle in a relation with such conditions can be nerve breaking. Each relationship is different and complex in its own sense. And the harsh truth of life is that a marital relationship is even more complex.
      The objective in a marriage is to have common objectives, goals, etc. The couple share their likes, dislikes, etc. In case, you’re missing these elements in your marriage, then there is no point of having a legal contract to stay together. The love, boding, and chemistry are an essential part of any marital relationship. With these integral elements missing, there’s no objective of staying together. And the baby! You should’ve thought about it befpre taking this chance. Why introduce another person into a relationship where there’s no love? Nobody will be happy; not even the baby! You two should get along properly to be able to raise a new life. The best option here is to get expert professional help. Many times, expert energy and efforts towards making the best of your marriage can change the face of relationship. Also initiate sex or activities to bring her into mood and so forth. Most importantly, sex should not be the only thing your relationship should stand on. Spend quality time with each other. Buy small gifts for her. Plan a small getaway. Make her realize how you love her and then see her reaction.

    • Rashmi
      November 6, 2013 - Reply

      Well, hitting clubs or watching pornography is not the solution. Talk to her. There may be some problem in the marriage or you the first place dude.

    • Prachi
      November 7, 2013 - Reply

      Well, don’t blame it on your wife for watching porn and reaching out to other women. You do it because you want to do it. You like to engage in sex outside marriage. Why not seek medical help? Both of you!

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