Is Shaving Damaging your Skin? Best Shave Tips for Men
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Shaving is important for men. The stubbled worn out look is a passé. Unfortunately, shaving follows many problems such as cuts, bruises, shaving bumps among many more. The best way to avoid these problems is to follow a good technique. A good shaving technique is definitely important to avoid preventing ingrown hairs. It all starts with having the right tools for the job. You should also get into some prep work for the same.


In case, you want to have wet shaving, it’s important to get a razor. Also buy a thick shaving cream. These days, you can choose from a wide range of lubricating shaving gels. Make sure that the razor’s blade is sharp. Sharper blades will make it easy for you to remove hairs in the fewest strokes possible. Avoid using razors that are a week old because they aren’t sharp enough.

Shower Shave

It is beneficial to shave immediately after showering. Why not make shaving an integral part of your in-shower routine? This will help you take advantage of the steam. The steamy room is helpful in opening pores of skin and making hairs softer and easier to shave.

You need to apply shaving oil on face before lathering up with shaving gel. This is a step usually overlooked by men when following a shaving routine. This practice will make your shaving easier while reducing the irritation caused by the razor.

So what’s your shaving technique?

Most people follow a rough shaving technique and many even lather on bathing soap to shave the hair off! This may sound convenient but is extremely damaging for your skin. Shaving can cause a lot of bruises and ingrown hair. It is a risky affair and should be handled with care. Using special oils and conditioners are important to make sure the shave is smoother and faster. Wrong techniques can increase your chances of ingrown hairs. You need to shaving in the same direction as your hair grows and shave with the grain (downward strokes). This will help you reduce nicks and ingrown hairs. Strictly avoid pulling your skin taut as you shave. It increases the chances of shaving bumps.

Rinse the blade in hot water after each stroke. Also splash cool water on your skin when you’re done! Follow these techniques to get the best, closest, and smoothest shave!

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5 Comments to “Is Shaving Damaging your Skin? Best Shave Tips for Men”
  • Mobinur
    February 3, 2013 - Reply

    Good tips for shaving.

  • Taksha
    February 9, 2013 - Reply

    thank you for the tip.. i dont usually shave right after shower.. i usually shave before i put my clothes on in my room.. i always have difficulties in shaving… sometimes i have cuts in my chin from the razon i am using.. and i dont use cream in shaving.. does that makes my skin rough?? anyways i’ll try to follow the tips you have given

  • deepak
    February 9, 2013 - Reply

    Nice tips about shaving. I generally shave befor taking my bath. It is nice to know various techniqe about shaving. I will try to follow the tips given in the article. Thank you for your article.

  • Micro Touch Max
    April 1, 2013 - Reply

    Good read. Shaving might be damaging to your skin if you’re not doing it right. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rahul Aroara
    June 15, 2013 - Reply

    Nowadays there are numbers of shaving blades and shaving creams in the market. Are they really damaging our skin?

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