Roses for your Love this Rose Day! Bring the romance in your Life
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Remember the climax of Pretty Woman ? When business tycoon Richard Gere comes in his big car with a big bouquet of flowers, looking for his sweetheart Julia Roberts? The roses were adorable and Julia says a YES! That’s what happens! Girls love roses and what better day it could be to woo the heart of your lover that February 7th, the Rose Day?

The Valentine Week starts today with the rose day. Each year the rose day marks the start of Valentine’s Day celebration across the globe. Youngsters, adults and the old celebrate the day with great fervour. There are a variety of opinions associated with the origin of Valentine’s Day. According to a study, it has been concluded that the concept originated from St Valentine. He was a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity. This martyr sacrificed his life on Feb 14, 269 AD. This is also the day that had been allotted to lovers.

Showering roses on a girl is a polite gesture. It is also the best way to express love and gratitude to your loved ones. A special bunch of flowers can be the best way to propose your lady love.

A red rose is a symbol of love and gratitude. Different colours of rose symbolise different emotions and feelings:

The Red Rose

The colour stands for love. These traditional roses are showered on the love of one’s life.

The Pink Rose

An epitome of gratitude, pink roses are given as a token of thankfulness and admiration.

The Orange Rose

Orange roses are a symbol of passion and desire. So give them to one whom you are passionate about and are proud of.

The Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are a paragon for joy and friendship. These are a fabulous choice for newlyweds, and graduates. These roses are a way to express your affection and care to the loved one.

The White Rose

White roses are gifted as a symbol for those who are innocent. These flowers symbolise purity and commonly used in Christian weddings. A white rose bud is a perfect way to pamper your teenaged girlfriend.

The Lavender Rose

Lavender roses represent love at first sight. Give this to your lover to show how much you care.

Confused about Number of Roses to Pamper your Beloved with?
Single Red Rose – Love at first sight

Two Roses – Mutual Love

Three Roses – I love you

Seven Roses – I am obsessed with you

Nine Roses – Together forever

Ten Roses – You are the perfect one for me!

Eleven Roses – For my treasured one

Twelve Roses – Be mine forever

Thirteen Roses – Best Friends

Fifteen Roses – Forgive me

Twenty Roses – Sincerity

Twenty One Roses – I am all yours

Twenty Four Roses – Yours forever

Twenty Five Roses – Heartiest Congratulations

Fifty Roses – Unconditional love

Ninety Nine Roses – I will love you till death do us apart

One Hundred and Eight Roses – Will you marry me?

So, let this Rose Day let your love bloom and blossom. Start your Valentine Week with a special message for your lover. Happy Rose Day!

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8 Comments to “Roses for your Love this Rose Day! Bring the romance in your Life”
  • Faakhir Adani
    February 8, 2013 - Reply

    I can really feel the essence of Valentine’s Day. Roses are really still the best for the occasion. I totally agree with this! Fantastic.

  • Ria
    February 8, 2013 - Reply

    wow that’s interesting.. i did not know that.. All i know is that different colors of roses corresponds to something.. like red for love, orange for passion, pink for gratitude, yellow for friendship and so on.. but whats new to me is that i did not know that the number of roses means something also.. all this time i thought that the number of roses given to you are just choices made by the one who bought it.. like if you don’t have enough money you buy only one.. but if you’re rich and can afford it buy dozens of it..

  • sanya
    February 8, 2013 - Reply

    really good article i dont the meaning of different colors of rose now i got knew which rose color is for what.

  • karon (@karon1)
    February 9, 2013 - Reply

    Wow, really nice post. Before reading the article I did not know number of rose means what? but I know better now. I am thinking I will give 99 roses to my girl friend so that she can understand my feeling. A lot of thanks to the writer.

  • manju
    March 2, 2013 - Reply

    many kinds of rose define different- different types of activity, but i have no experience about this

  • mikal
    March 5, 2013 - Reply

    wow very gud and mind blowing.
    i know what is importance of roses….thanks

  • Suraj
    June 11, 2013 - Reply

    I guess you should start a relationship with friendship and for that yellow rose is best. Thanks for telling us the meaning of every rose.

  • Meena
    July 9, 2013 - Reply

    Roses are on huge demand on valentines week. Girls love rose so you should know about each and rose before putting step forward in your relationship. This article is really very nice ti know about different roses.

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