Unique yet Heart Melting Ways to Celebrate Propose Day
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The Valentine Week had started with yesterday, the Rose Day. Hope you followed our tips and had an amazing aromatic time with your lady love. What’s the plan for today? One of the most important days of Valentine Week, ‘Propose Day’ enjoys a lot of significance. Of course, you’ve expressed your love yesterday with a rose but today you have an opportunity to make it official!

Today, 8th February, 2013 is Propose Day. This is the day where a boy or girl expresses his/her love to their valentine. It is said to be the best day to propose, telling him/her your feelings of love. Don’t get nervous, there are many innovative ways to do so.

The idea is to make the occasion memorable and romantic for your lady love. And yeah, before blindly following a romantic scene from your favourite movie, remember that what’s romantic for one might not be for another. Hence, the key is personalizing the proposal. Add a dash you and your feelings to make the occasion unique to your love.

Prepare a special question. What have you been looking forward to? Do you want this beautiful lady to be your girlfriend, wife or a share another special relationship with you? If it is marriage, then of course, saying the words “Will you marry me?” in a special way will suffice. Send her flowers as soon as the day starts. Keep your intention shrouded in mystery before you get down on the knee.

Is your sweetheart addicted to Facebook? Then it is appropriate to make your proposal on her wall. Make it really special with a personalised picture of the two of you and a heart warming message.

Another amazing idea is to create a pod cast proposal. All you do is sneak it on her iPod. She’ll jump with excitement. Ever thought of YouTube proposal? This can be really exciting and creative; something that’s unheard of! Just upload a video proposal and tell her you have something really hysterical to show her. Image her reaction when you’ll end up proposing her!

Record a special message in a ‘talking’ stuffed animal and send this to her as a gift. She’ll be really happy. If you can spare some time, create a web page declaring your love. Try leaving her a note with the web address.

With so many amazing ideas to celebrate Propose Day, make it special and elaborate. The two of you will remember this day forever! Happy Valentine’s Week!

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4 Comments to “Unique yet Heart Melting Ways to Celebrate Propose Day”
  • akshay
    February 8, 2013 - Reply

    hey, thnx for this brilliant ways of proposing, i feel this ideas are really superb.

  • Sanjoy Ray (@sanjoy737)
    February 8, 2013 - Reply

    Thank you very much for this tips. I have proposed my girlfriend according to your tip believe me she accepts my love. I am very grateful to your article. Every one can try this tips. This really works. Make your propose day memorable.

  • Akhil
    February 9, 2013 - Reply

    those are great ideas.. i would definitely try one of that today.. for years now i have been sticking to the classic confessing my love and giving the traditional Chocolates and roses… going to a movie and having a dinner date afterwards.. it does not fail to melt your partners heart but today i’ll try something new.. ill try to the the Facebook themed propose..

  • Rishab
    June 11, 2013 - Reply

    absolutely! these are really great ideas.just after a week am planning to propose a girl and definitely i am going to use these tips. thanks buddy!

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