• Sikh flag – Nishan Sahib
    The Sikh flag – Nishan Sahib
    January 21, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  1 comment

    The saffron-colored triangular-shaped cloth is the Sikh flag, known as Nishan Sahib. A picture of ‘Khanda’ or the three-faced sword is printed at the centre […]

  • The Harmandir Sahib – The Golden Temple
    January 19, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  No Comment

    The Harmandir is also known as Durbar Sahib and the Golden Temple. It is a living representation of the history and tradition of Sikhism. It […]

  • Gurudwaras
    Gurudwaras – an introduction
    January 17, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  No Comment

    A Sikh temple or shrine is known as a gurudwara. It is a place marked by the Sikhs as the house of Guru. It is […]

  • Sikh festivals
    Sikh festivals
    January 15, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  No Comment

    There are several Sikh festivals that commemorates various occasions of the birth, history, significance and essence of Sikh religion. Here is a description of the […]

  • A glossary of Sikhism
    A glossary of Sikhism
    January 11, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  No Comment

    a) Adi Granth: This term refers to the sacred Sikh text. The holy text is also known as the Guru Granth Sahib. b) Adiguru : […]

  • Five Ks sikhism
    Five Ks
    January 9, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  No Comment

    The five Ks, popularly known as Panj Kakaar or Kakke are five essential items of faith that baptized Khalsa Sikhs wear at all times. These […]

  • The Sikh philosophy 2
    The Sikh philosophy
    January 7, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  1 comment

    The introduction of Sikhism has been a great contribution to eliminate the evils of the society. The religion worked towards fighting against the monarchy of […]

  • Amrti Sanskar
    Amrti Sanskar
    January 5, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  No Comment

    Amrit Sanskar is the final funeral rites performed to the body of the deceased in Sikhism. As Quoted in Sri Guru Granth Sahib: “Birth and […]

  • Janam Sanskar
    Janam Sanskar
    January 3, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  1 comment

    The birth ceremony holds great importance in Sikhism. The birth of a Sikh child is marked with the affixation of ‘Name’, ‘Kesh Gundna’ and ‘Dastar […]

  • Anand Sanskar
    Anand Sanskar
    January 1, 2013  //  Religion, Sikhism  //  No Comment

    Anand Sanskar or Anand Karj is considered to be the third stage within a Sikh life. It is mandatory for a Sikh couple to go […]