Get Firm Cheeks with Facial Yoga
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With growing age, your facial muscles begin to sag. This is due to the weight of gravity. Additionally, the skin stops producing adequate amount of collagen and elastin. These are actually the major protein fibers that help in keeping your skin resilient and firm. Is there a cure? Can you do something apart from going under the knife or injecting botox?

The answer is ‘yes’. You can start with a facial yoga routine to tighten your face muscls and shorten them. The best part is that these exercises also stimulate collagen production.

Did you know our faces tend to reflect internal tensions and stress? Practicing facial yoga can help you release the tension and enhance your overall appearance.

Here are some facial yoga exercises that will help you get firm cheeks:

The Baby Bird

This is an effective exercise that helps firm your cheek muscles. Experts have claimed that this simple exercise can help prevent the formation of sagging jowls. The best part is that it will also reduce existing jowls.

First, you should tilt your head up, look at the ceiling and relax. Now swallow while you press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Then swallow while tilting your head slightly to the right. Repeat the pose to the left and swallow. You should perform 4 repetitions.


You should inhale through nose and create a chewing sound. Now vibrate the sound “mmmm” through nose. This should be done as you exhale and chew. Repeat this exercise for four breaths. Practicing bumblebees will help you strengthen cheek muscles and give you a younger, youthful look.

The Cheeky Act

This is known to be one of the most effective facial yoga exercises to tighten and firm cheek muscles. Start with taking a big breath through your mouth. Now puff the breath from cheek to cheek and release.
The pose strengthens your cheek muscles. It also prevents them from becoming thinner and looking hollow. Have you ever noticed the cheeks of saxophone players? No matter what their age is they always have firm cheeks. So this exercise will give you toned, lifted, and plump cheeks.

The Fish Face

Take a deep breath and hold it. Now pucker up just like a fish. Suck in your cheeks and purse your lips. You should try to smile and stretch your lips. This may make you feel uncomfortable but you need to breathe in and out as slowly as you can. The exercise will help in smoothing out the nasolabial folds. The exercise will tone and lift your cheeks.

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5 Comments to “Get Firm Cheeks with Facial Yoga”
  • jenelia
    March 3, 2013 - Reply

    every woman wants glowing and young skin they dont like dullness and wrinkles on face.and this all tips given by the writer is really awesome and i am also gonna follow these tips.

  • pankhudi
    March 29, 2013 - Reply

    nice tips for facial yoga jitesh, i want to include one more from my side that chewing any gum for few minutes is also useful for getting good skin tone as i m chewing gum on my daily basis from few days and my skin tone improved

  • Sunena
    June 14, 2013 - Reply

    Awesome tips. I never thought yoga is this much useful, Great! Can i get shape of my cheeks according to me?

  • Shilpa
    June 19, 2013 - Reply

    Nice article! I guess people having dry skin have firm cheeks naturally. Is it so?

  • Sanjana
    August 1, 2013 - Reply

    We always want to get firm cheeks. Baby bird exercise an effective exercise that helps firm your cheek muscles. Experts have claimed that this simple exercise can help prevent the formation of sagging jowls.

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