Yoga for Trimmed Calves – Get Rid of Big Fat Chunky Calves
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Summers are calling and it is time to take those pencil skirts and shorts out of the closets. But how toned and trimmed are your calves? Bulky calf muscles don’t look good. Skirts and shorts look adorable with slim and toned calves. Hence, it is time to say goodbye to big fat chunky calves.

You can emphasise on cardiovascular exercise over weight training to get well tined calf muscles. Practising Yoga is also known to an effective way to trim down the calves. Here are some fabulous tips to make your calves look slim, healthy and fabulous.

Triangle Pose

This pose will keep the legs long while working your core. Now from a standing position, spread your feet wide. Raise your arms out towards the sides. Make sure you turn your right foot out 90 degrees while the left foot should be slightly inward. Align your heels. It is now time to bend your torso at the hip joint in a way that it extends over your right leg. Rotate the leg upward. You should set your right hand on the floor. Stretch your left arm upward. It is important to hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Now switch sides.

The Big Toe Pose

You should focus on performing poses such ‘the big toe pose’ because it works towards stretching and lengthening the calf muscles. Here, you need to stand with your feet 6 inches apart. The toes should be pointed forward. Keep your legs straight and then bend forward at the hips. Grip your big toes using index and middle fingers. It is also helpful to loop a yoga strap around your feet. Grab the strap with your hands in case you are unable to reach your toes with hands. You should keep your back straight as you deepen into the pose. Focus on lifting your sitting bones. Hold on for about a minute, then return to standing.

Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

This pose will teach you balance and flexibility. Stand tall and raise your left leg. Now bend your knee toward your core. Here, you should grab the outside of your left foot with your left arm. Now ground into your standing leg. Extend your left leg forward. Hold on for 30 seconds. Now release and repeat with the right leg.

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